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Hydro-Bios was founded 1960 in Kiel. So we are  the oldest company in Germany developing and manufacturing instrumentation for oceanographic and limnological/hydrological investigations.  We deliver customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. We are wellknown as manufacturing specialist for watersampling, either using water samplers as a single instrument (Ruttner, Limnos, PWS/Niskin) or in a rosette with CTD (PWS/Niskin, FreeFlow Sampler) or using planktonnets to catch biological material  – with smaller nets handheld (Apsteinnets) or with larger systems such as WP2, Nansen Closing Net, Indian Ocean Standard Net, Bongo Net or Calcofi/Ringtrawl requiring research vessel. Everyone  who is dealing with plankton, esp. zooplankton, knows about the MultiNet, manufactured exclusivly in our factory. For limnological purpose we developed the IWS, the Integrating Water Sampler, according to the requirement of the European Water Frame Directive. Newest development is the AFIS – Automatic Fluid Injection Sampler for microbiological purpose.

All these instruments are developed and manufactured under our most important issue: able to work reliable under most different environmental conditions, i.e.  poles with – 40°C as well as in pacific areas with + 60°C on deck  or more. We know about the situation on board if the device “goes on strike” and try to avoid such situations. If something like that nevertheless happens – even may be with instruments from our factory  – we do our very best to solve the problems anytime.
Our main aim is to satisfy the requirements of our customers and it seems that we have reached that within the last 50 years. And we promise to continue in doing it.



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