Integrating Water Sampler IWS III


Depth or time integrated water sampling made easy



The Integrating Water Sampler IWS III is a light and handy instrument for the acquisition of summing (integrated) water samples according to the EU-WFD (European Water Framework Directive). The integrated sample is automatically achieved in one single draft.There is no need for repeated operations of standard water samplers, followed by mixing procedures. The sampling technique is very simple. An electric motor actuates a piston inside a transparent tube. A microprocessor controls the sampling procedure according to the pre-selected depth, time or spot scenario. A built-in high precision pressure sensor cares for accurate depth measurements. Power supply of the sampler is made by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, using the safest chemistry currently available.



  • Depth integrated sampling with programmable depth interval
  • Time integrated sampling
  • Spot sampling – take a complete sample at a single depth
  • External battery pack with rechargeable 
  • Li-Ion batteries
  • Quick-start key – repeat the last sampling scenario without re-programming
  • Extended operation protocol – fully integrated in OceanLab3 software
  • Bluetooth connection to the hand unit and PC
  • Long-distance telemetry via electromechanical cables
Sampling is made easy with the IWS III
  • Select a sampling mode via hand unit or PC without connecting any cable.
  • Enter the requested depth or time interval.
  • Put the sampler into the water and lower it to desired depth – the sample will be precisely aspirated according to the selected scenario.
  • Recover the sampler after the end of the selected depth, time or spot scenario.
  • Extract the sample by opening the hose clamp located at the bottom of the sampler.
  • Repeat the scenario by simply pressing the quick-start key.
MaterialPOM, Acrylic, titanium, stainless steel
Diameter190 mm
Length2.5 l model: 720 mm
5 l model: 880 mm
Weight2.5 l model: 7.5 kg
5 l model: 8 kg
Battery TypeLithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
Battery Capacitysufficient for up to 20 operations
Operational Depthmax. 100 m
436 601IWS III, capacity 2.5 litres
436 606IWS III, capacity 5 litres

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