The Ballast Water Sampling Kit


A sampling device for sampling organisms above 50 micron from ballast water onboard ships.


Experience has shown that sampling ships’ ballast water is a challenge. Adequate sampling
methods for efficacy tests of ballast water treatment systems and compliance control for the
ballast water discharge standard as set forth in Regulation D-2 of the IMO Ballast Water
Management Convention (both being quantitative approaches) must be able to reliably testify
that less than 10 viable organisms per cubic meter greater than or equal to 50 micrometers in
minimum dimension are discharged by the Ballast Water Treatment System. As a result
more than 1,000 liters of water need to be sampled – and this needs to be carried out
multiple times at more than one sampling point, several replicates and various sampling
occasions are required for a proof of significance.
The Ballast Water Sampling Kit has been designed exactly for such accurate sampling. This
sampling approach delivers a representative sample of larger organism density when being
discharged from a ship in both cases (a) for compliance control and (b) for efficacy tests of
ballast water treatment systems.
This device consists of a specially designed flexible filter net with a filtering cod-end. This
cod-end has removable filtering panels and can be unscrewed from the filter net. An
integrated flow-meter allows for accuracy to document the filtered volume of water.
As the IMO standards refer to living organisms, samples taken during a ships’ voyage need
to be analyzed onboard. When using Petri dishes and a stereo microscope, counting may be
inaccurate as the ship movement induces water movements in the Petri dish, resulting in
over- or undercounting of organisms. To avoid this, modified Bogorov counting chambers
have been designed, allowing for greater accuracy in counting larger organisms onboard.



  • Low weight and small packing dimensions ease transport to and within the ship
  • Completely independent from ships´ operation
  •  No external power supply required
  •  Filtering cod-end can be unscrewed, several samples can be taken in short period of
  • Time efficient – some tons of ballast water can be sampled in less than 30 minutes
  •  Integrated flow meter enables a precise measurement of the water volume filtered

470 000
Ballast Water Sampling Kit, consisting of:
1 filternet of 40 cm diameter, 1 m length,
meshsize 36 microns (No. 50) with bridle and snap-hook,
2 filtering cod-ends with 2 side windows each and stop cock,
5 replacement filtering sieves for cod-end,
flowmeter for volume measurement with PVC tubing,
3 counting chambers acc. to Gollasch with 6/12/30
counting fields, 1 washing bottle, incl. transport case
470 000-005Spare nets (5 pcs) for ballast water cod-end,length 16,5cm,
mesh size 36 microns (No 50)
470 000-003Inline Flow Meter for Ballast Water Sampling Kit
Filter net and Cod-end:· Filter net dimensions: 40 cm x 100 cm (dia. x l)
· Cod-end: 53 mm (inner dia.)
· Mesh size: 36 microns (= 50 microns in diagonal dimension)
· Metal parts: Powder-coated brass, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel
Flow Meter:· Measuring range: 9 l/min. (= 0.15 l/sec.) up to 200 l/min. (= 3.33 l/sec.)
· Accuracy: ± 4% of reading (from 200 to 50 l/min.)
· Fluid temperature: 0°C … +50°C
· Pipe diameter: 20 mm
· Pressure rating: 10 bars
· Hose connection: Hose nozzle for 25 and 27 mm