HYDRO-BIOS is the leading manufacturer of high quality sampling equipment for hydrography, science, research and environmental monitoring in marine environments.

Achieving accurate data, based on faultless samples is the wish of each limnologist, the goal of every oceanographer and the motivation for all water monitoring authorities. Guiding our valuable customers to instrumentation, which perfectly fits their needs, is our ambition.

It takes more than diligence and R&D to deliver top level equipment for the benefit of the end users. At HYDRO-BIOS we are a highly motivated team of professionals dedicated to providing reliable sampling tools for your daily routine work.

In this day and age it requires passion and determination to follow the traditional way of business practice where the complete customer satisfaction is our intent. This includes a high degree of openness, flexibility and reliability resulting in good, long term contacts with our worldwide customers. The sustainability of this fundamental practice is ensured by the continuation of HYDRO-BIOS Apparatebau GmbH being a family-run business, managed for three generations within the family.
The will to care about our clients and our attitude of fairness in all aspects of business is the basic principle behind our long lasting successful history.